Young People

You are entitled to completely confidential help and advice from all members of staff: reception staff, doctors and nurses. We are here to listen. We also offer telephone appointment slots so that if you want to discuss something with your GP but don't really know if you need to come in, you can talk through things first. We can take a mobile number and arrange a GP or nurse to call you back.

If you are looking for a particular leaflet, or some information, which you cannot see on the notice boards - please ask at the reception desk. We are always happy to provide a private area for anyone who is embarrassed or uncomfortable speaking to the staff at the main reception desk but unless you tell us - we won't know!

If you have any ideas or suggestions as to how we can improve our services to teenagers and young people please do not hesitate to let us know - we are keen to improve the services we provide and your help will be invaluable. If you would be prepared to become involved in providing feedback about our services please contact us.


Can your doctor keep your secret?

All our staff have a professional code which means that, even if you are under 16, you have the same right to confidentiality as adults. Every appointment with the staff here is confidential, which means secret.

We will not pass on any information about your visit to anyone unless we feel you are in serious danger (a very rare situation) and even then we would always discuss this with you first.

Your Appointment

At all our surgery sites we have nurses and nurse practitioners who are female. If you wish, you can ask to see a male or female doctor. If you would like to bring a family member or friend to your appointment that is completely OK.

Very occasionally you may need an 'intimate examination'. We will always discuss this with you first and you have the choice to refuse this, come back another time or attend another clinic. If you decide to have the examination we will offer you a chaperone (another member of staff - usually a nurse - to attend, if you wish).

Common Health Problems in Younger People

These are some common problems that may affect you more as younger person:

  • Skin Problems
  • Period Problems
  • Headache/Migraine
  • Family/Relationship problems
  • Stress/Low Mood
  • School/College problems - exams/work/bullying
  • Lifestyle - weight/eating/diet
  • Lumps and Bumps - skin, testicles, breasts or vagina
  • Peer Pressure - being encouraged to do something by your friends that you don't feel happy about
  • Worries about alcohol/smoking/using drugs
  • Having sex/safe sex/contraception/sexually transmitted infections (STIs). We can help with all contraception, including emergency contraception, including if you are under 16)
  • Free condoms are available - please make an appointment to see the nurse
  • Pregnant?
  • Sexuality - straight/gay

We have doctors with a special interest in mental and sexual health and you are welcome to ask to see a GP with a specific interest if you think it would help.

Where else can I go for help?

Some teenagers and young people are worried about going to the doctor's surgery for help. We hope this information will make it easier for you to come in and see us at Nidderdale Group Practice. If you prefer, there are many other places you can get confidential help and advice.

Parent or Family friend - Can be surprisingly helpful and are often more aware than you might think. We may encourage you to discuss your problem with your parent(s) but only if you are happy to. We will not pass on any information to them ourselves, even if you are under 16.

School Nurse - Contact her through school

Useful Websites

NHS Teen Health Check  - click here

Guide for Life (ages 13-16) - click here

Teenage Health Freak (provides information for teenagers on bullying, body changes, alcohol, drugs, moods, sex and not feeling well) - click here

Childline - A free phone line offering a counselling and support to children and younger people on a wide range of issues. The lines are open 24 hours a day and the calls from a landline won't show up on your phone bill. Call them on 0800 11 11 or alternatively visit their website by clicking here.